Sunday, April 27, 2008

Cat Woman


Cat Woman looks harmless except for those claws. What was I thinking letting my little girl have a photo op with an evil criminal??!!
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It seemed like everything was blooming in the southern New England. The last few days have been unseasonably warm (last year it snowed during vacation week)that when we returned home...voila, the forsithias were in bloom here too.
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Flight Path


While watching a Minor League baseball game in Manchester, New Hampshire we couldn't help but notice that the stadium was directly under the flight path of departing aircraft. As the first Southwest Air plane flew overhead my son mimicked, "Want to get away?" The commercial works!
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Pool + Hotel + Boy = MAGIC
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In Honor of My Father


We visited the "Basketball Hall of Fame" in honor of my father who had many stories about reffing local games. He would have just loved this experience. Although the thrill of my father's "career" was calling an exhibition game. One of the players was a young athlete named Bob Cousey. Imagine.
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Artist At Work


Part of our vacation was spent at a wonderful art museum. Now how did I think that my young children would deeply appreciate this cultural experience? I am in hopes that they will carry the beauty and creativity of masters like Picasso and Monet with them as they grow old. And appreciate the attempts by their mother to give them varied experiences.

My son commented, "I didn't think that I would spend my time with a bunch of grannies!" Unfortunately, there was little representation of multi-generations among the patrons that visited this museum. Attitude can create opportunities or it can create barriers.

Being a budding artist himself, he decided to sit down and create...stay tuned.
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Now you wouldn't get me on either of these roller coasters, but it was fun to watch and imagine the terror with my feet planted firmly on the ground. The first is a two mile ride all computerized and the latter is the old fashioned wooden roller coaster. One similiar to the one that my mother and father rode as youngsters.

Not for me. I need to be in control. I guess you could call me a control freak!!


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A Winner, But With a Price


Hauling this prize around all day, doesn't sound like fun to me. Spidey is bigger than the kid clutching on. In reality the previous owner carried this prize around for just a bit too long and finally found a willing little guy to give it to. The kid really didn't seem to mind. You are going to a good home Spidey!
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