Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day 2008


Each year my family would meet my uncle, my aunt and my cousins and we would make preparations for the upcoming Memorial Day. We went to two cemeteries: the Catholic and the Protestant. My grandparents were of differing religions and they were not allowed to be buried together. I was horrified when the nuns told me that my grandfather was in Limbo. How could a good honest man be in Limbo? Even as a young child, I understood the injustice in this situation.

My uncle orchestrated the arrangement primarily of red geraniums and small blue flowers. The cousins and I would find the water spigot hidden in the shrubbery and try not too slosh three quarters of the water in the heavy metal pail. As the adults would chat and reminisce, the kids would make their way to the rotunda surrounded by hundreds of red tulips. We would chase and yell-our voices and feet echoing within the chamber.

On Memorial Day we would attend the local parade parking within walking distance to the Protestant cemetery. Following the parade, we would walk what seemed to be the entire cemetery searching for ancestors that my mother often had trouble explaining the relations. Still I was fascinated with my connections to the past.

So today Memorial Day, was a recollection of important family traditions and honoring those who have gone before me.
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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Early Green in Light with the Bluest Blue

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Waldo-Hancock Bridge


This is the observation tower of Maine's first cable stayed structure. Because my daughter was driving, I was able to take this photo as we were driving along.
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Glorious Stroll


Imagine...a light breeze with the warm sun at your back, and the birds in song.
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Rare Lady Slipper


Guest photographer: Super Twin
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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Garden: Day One




Gardening in Maine begins sometime in late May to early June. This year after sucessive seasons of coaxing, I finally talked my husband into raised beds. The kids all pitched in and helped. With the rising cost of food, gas and simple living it is hoped that this will bring my family healthy home-grown delights.

I used bent forks (the kids help load the dishwasher) and recycled cardboard for row markers.
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My Three

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Submitted to Shutterday: Aches and Pains

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Last Home Meet- Senior Year

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Life in the "FASTER" Lane





Under miserable conditions-a continual downpour these athletes compete.
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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Spring Day: Cold and Raw

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Once a Biddeford Landmark

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As a young woman, my mother was a secretary at the Pepperell Manufacturing Company. I imagine that she would glance up at this clock that adorned the factory and hurry along high heels clicking so she would not be late for work.
Having only one vehicle in those days, I remember impatiently waiting in the car with my father for my mother to emerge from the main entrance of the building at the end of the day. After a long day of work, my mother would often pack a picnic and we would head for the sandy beach for a summer supper and more than likely a swim too.
(As an brother who is a historian/trivia buff told me that Francis Spencer from Biddeford and the inventor of Velux blanket used to go up and wind this clock. On a recent visit to Costa Rica, my bed had a Velux blanket on it. I smiled to think of the world connection.)

Friday, May 2, 2008

Bird Envy


In recent months, I have admired the bird photography of fellow blogger "Soulemama." She and her husband have taken some amazing shots in support of a project their young son was doing earlier in the year. This shot pales in comparison. Yes indeed-bird envy. Especially since I missed the red blaze of a pileated woodpecker earlier this morning. It flew right in front of my car and into a tree. Stopping my car immediately resulted in a futile search for this magnificent feathered creature. The funny thing is I also missed a pair of deer because I was so focused on the bird!!!
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My Girl


Any of you who know my oldest daughter, recognize the significance of this shot. "My lime green girl" just had to check this dress out.
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