Thursday, August 7, 2014


This is just a little piece of fiction springing from real camping experience. I think I could go on...

Within the sweltering shelter of the down mummy sleeping bag, she heard nothing. Silence. For the first time in what seemed like hours there was silence.  She didn’t dare to expose herself. Not yet anyway. It wasn’t safe. Motionless, she wondered how she got to this place; alone in the woods.  Pushing that thought elsewhere, she closed her eyes, shut off her brain, just to listen and not think. Could she hear it? She didn’t think so, but just in case, she listened a little longer.  Nothing.

From the inside of the bag, she gave the zipper pull a slight tug, just enough to expose the tip of her nose and her eyes. The morning light leaked through the nylon. Droplets of morning dew had collected outside the tent. Inside was getting warm.  Before making any further movements, she remained still on her back.  Listening and watching.

Unzipping she exposed her shoulders and loosened the cap of extra sleeping bag that was designed to cradle her head through the night.  Taking a few moments she shifted her body to her side feeling her hip press into the foam backpacking pad.  She always felt more relaxed on her side. She made her best decisions in bed; laying on her side.  Thoughts drifted to the day ahead, but were interrupted.  She heard the buzz.  Despite the rising heat, she was back under the down. The bag muffled the sound.  She needed a plan.  This was war.  One smart mosquito versus a mother who found herself in uncomfortable territory.  Going it alone.  In the wild.  Was she really alone?

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