Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Flare in the Garden


A few of the blogs I visit talk a lot about flare and their love for it. Well....shoot into the sun?! Way back when...that was a photographer's number one not to do rule. Sun to your back so your subjects are squinting. Aye??!!

These sunflowers have seen better days, petals hanging shriveled, but retaining their yellow. I love how the sun is shining through and the sunflowers are tall shadowy figures. Maybe I AM a rule-breaker.
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JP said...

You didn't need to become interested in photography for me to know you were a "rule-breaker." And, what are you doing up at 4:30 AM!!?

travelma said...

I'll have you know that I stop (a full stop) at every stop sign, I don't turn right on red if so noted and all my assessments are completed with the results in prior to the due date!!!!! I have to protect my character for those who don't know me, Mr. Peabody!!!!!!!!! It was 5:30 or so...that is early enough for me.