Sunday, April 6, 2014


Change isn’t so bad, is it?  My mother moved the furniture around every few months infusing a “brand new” perspective to each room.  I wasn’t married long when I tried this.  “What was wrong with the way we had it?” my husband asked, just a bit dazed as he walked through the door.  He dropped his lunch box and began to push the furniture around into position.  Each piece moved easily under his strength as though they were destined to remain in “their place.”

Fortunately, for my husband  our present home does not offer many options in the furniture moving department. (Gosh, maybe he designed it this way! I never gave it a thought until now.)  All of us dusted and cleaned.  We put unused items in storage and created areas of interest with photographs and mementoes. And yes, we did move a few pieces of furniture. Together, we created a space that is comfortable for family gatherings.  

We have lots of family gatherings-every chance we get and for any excuse.  Not only do our eight children attend, but there are also a few significant others that join in.  Sometimes it is pretty noisy in this great room with all the laughing and talking.  Often, I sit back in silence and just watch. And think, We’ve created quite a brood.

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