Sunday, April 13, 2014

top ten things I love today

10.  The fact that I still have wool socks in my top drawer for a quick change of "season."
9.   Watching how a charcoal sketch develops when I really don’t have a clue.
8.   Seeing a dear friend who kisses me on the head after a long, long hug.
7.   A hot cup of tea with soy, sometimes honey.
6.   Being surrounded by photos, paintings, sketches, carvings and pottery.
5.   Learning new things and recognizing the incredible capacity of my brain.
      (It still works!)
4.   Sunny, warm days, without black flies.
3.   Kitties, doggies and husbands who snuggle.
2.   Sunday morning waffles with a big crowd-my family.
1.   Rainy day naps.

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