Friday, February 20, 2015

One Challenge, A BIGGY!

My mother collected books, magazines, and recipes among other things, like watches and remotes. (I'll save the story of the remotes for another time.)  Small piles of magazines lay ready for perusing on hassocks and side tables.  Books neatly lines several book cases, mostly unread.  "When I retire," my mother said more than a dozen times, "I'll have plenty of time to read."

Soon after my mother retired, her days were occupied with doctors in white coats leading an entourage of medical students at her bedside; a study for the medical textbook. My mother fought for every breath; learning late in her life that she carried the genetic condition Alpha 1-Antitrypsin Deficiency Disorder. Sadly, it was too late to read, cook or dream.

As I pinned another recipe to my Food and Drink board on Pinterest, I came to the realization that I will never live long enough to try all these recipes or read all the books that I have collected on my Kindle or the volumes that line my shelf.  However little by little, day by day, moment to moment I can choose what I do with the time that God has allotted me.  We all think that we have plenty of time to get healthy, read that book, learn a language or check off dreams accomplished on "The Bucket List." I am a great procrastinator.

My challenge is to live intentionally and not put anything off like I have all kinds of time. It seems like a "no brainer", so why do I have such a hard time with this one?


Kimberley said...

Once I spent the night on Cow Island (in Casco Bay). I had planned the night before to take my first ever kayak trip with a woman I had met just the night before. I am not a camper. I am not an outdoors woman. I wanted to be so badly that I came on this trip and pretended. When the sun was coming up at 5, the woman Erin said "Okay! Let's get up and go." It was a chilly summer morning. I was suddenly hesitant and nervous. I told her I just wanted to sleep. She said words I will never forget, "You cannot procrastinate. This moment is ours and we can't just let it go. We need to respect it. Get up now." So I did. That morning was one I'll never forget. The kayak fit me perfectly. The water flowed against my legs under the boat. I felt so small in the ocean and so powerful at the same time. This moment was mine and I owned it. I took control of it. I save this in my mind every time I try not to do something right now. I go after what I love even when I can't get there right away. This is your time Barbara. Take it. Respect this moment. Find your own motivation or use mine.

travelinma said...

You are oh so wise my friend. Fear and distraction are also elements in my life, but I am working on it. Thank you so much for reading.

Lynn Mayer said...

Thank you for the reminder, Barb! - I've never regretted taking an opportunity to read or kayak or whatever, but I've often regretted NOT putting one foot in front of the other to jump in, (or, opening a book and turning one page after another!).

Lynn Mayer said...

Thanks for the reminder, Barb. How often I've regretted NOT doing something outside, like swimming, kayaking, skiing or inside, like cooking or reading, but I've never regretted a moment spent doing any of these activities. Somehow I can make the time once I make the decision!