Sunday, March 1, 2015

Creating by Choice

It is Sunday and I guess we are bracing for another Sunday storm.  I don't know; the storms have come fast and furious this winter in Maine.  We take what comes. We have no choice.  No control.  Instead I spend time in my kitchen preparing a curried carrot apple soup to serve during the upcoming week.  Likely a yeasty bread will later emerge from the oven.  The kitchen is where I have some control in an otherwise out of control life.

Tonight's supper will be shredded chicken and veggies served on corn tortillas.  It has been a long time since I have made home-made corn tortillas.  While visiting Costa Rica, I watched the Ticas deftly flatten the dough with their hands.  I tried making it by hand once, just once.  It didn't work. Maybe it was because I was on US soil, so instead now I use a press.  Carrying a high degree of positivity, I expect the tortillas to be luscious and well received by my family. This  intensive process is a labor of love.

The winter has been harsh with much more snow dumped here during the month of February than we usually get for an entire season.  Some folk are distraught.  Some are cranky.  Other Mainers turn to the comfort of food.  That's me.  Here I control everything-choosing the recipes, the ingredients and what I put in my mouth and the mouths of those I love.

I chop, saute and puree.  Alone.  Solitarily by choice.  I create with great joy and love.


Kathy (aka KMP444) said...

Your post made me hungry. Do you share your recipes. Curried carrot apple soup sounds devine.
I can tell you enjoy your alone time in the kitchen!

I'm from Iowa and we have had a rather calm winter compared to the east. You've been hammered all winter. I pray the melting will not cause flooding!

I look forward to LEARNING and GROWING with you during the Slice of Life Story Challenge this year!


Anonymous said...

Mmmm, homemade tortillas! Would love to have some. I can picture you happily creating in your kitchen. Although it's fun to have help sometimes, too, working alone in the kitchen can be so calming.

With snow today in IN, we are still just approaching average for the entire winter for snow. We have had record-breaking cold days, though.

travelinma said...

travelinma said...

The link for the soup is above. Since this is the first time I made it, I can't comment. However it sounds yummy.

elsie said...

When it is chilly, blustery and just unbearable outside, it is nice to have warmth radiating with delectable smells on the inside. I tend to bake, simmer, create more when confined to the house.