Sunday, March 23, 2008

Maine Maple Sunday

Fortunately for us we discovered the Painted Pepper Farm last year. Once again we gathered our family for Maine Maple Sunday and headed to the farm. They have a small sugar shack with a variety of maple products for sale including syrup, candy and nuts.


The small family run farm offers yummy yogurt made from goats' milk. The blueberry is very tasty. I brought home some cranberry orange goat cheese (among other goodies) which presented an elegant prelude to leftovers in the fridge. Our kids love the goats, the donkey thick with winter coat and the pony.

My mother being French Canadian told of pouring maple syrup onto snow and eating the hardened confection. That we did today. Look at the amber hue. A wee bit goes a long way. Happy Maine Maple Sunday 2008 thanks to the folks at Painted Pepper Farm.
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Nicole said...

Le tirage au sucre! Yum! I've gotten so sick on this stuff... Good memories from my French Canadian upbrining as well.

Val Cox said...

what a fun time. I love those fat goats and the story of your adventure!