Thursday, October 31, 2013

This Song is About Me

I feel so vain.  It took at least seven tries to settle on this self-portrait.  Glasses on.  Glasses off.  Different angle.  Oh, that double chin.  That smile looks so fake.  Gee whiz, my eyes are closed.  I realize that all these messages are negative.  My relationships with others are based upon character and virtues and not looks.  So why is it so important to me to present as nearly a perfect image as I can possibly get?

My efforts to ground myself spiritually and to know God deeply will eventually help me move passed this self absorbed veil.  There ought not to be any apologies or excuses necessary for my extra pounds, wrinkles or age spots .  I am what I am.  True beauty is from within.  And with the help of God and those who love me I will continue to better understand just what thwarts my progress toward living fully.

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