Thursday, October 17, 2013

Through the Eyes of a Child

While the neighborhood boys poked frogs with sticks, I preferred to sit back and observe.  Hours were spent on the edge of the asphalt on Dearborn Avenue where little piles of sand would build up in mounds.  Streams of ants would march in single file intent on task completion.  Lugging a grain of sand from place to place was hard work and I marveled at the sophistication of a community working together.

Perhaps I have only seen three praying mantis in my life because of their incredible nature to act like the stems of a leaf and blend or because of the uncanny ability of children to be observers. Throughout my adulthood, I have been graced with the privilege to be with children and learn great lessons through their display of  wonderment and excitement.  If we are quiet, patient and observant, we can view the world through the eyes of a child.

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