Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Contemplation of a Habit

At this point of the early evening, there ain’t much left.  Like every other working woman; I’ve worked all day rushed to two medical appointments, went to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription, dropped a kid off, picked another up, wrote 750 words, made a gourmet meal and I now look forward to a walk in a bit to clear my head.  

Once I start the habit of walking, I wonder why I ever stopped.  The routine soothes as does the normal route of travel-along the shore path and through town.  For a stretch of two years, I walked everyday.  Nothing stopped me.  A little grouchy, there were days that my husband would offer to cook supper if I just went for a walk.  My hope in life is always renewed after a walk.

For weeks now, I have been thinking about going to the gym. The reality is that I am just content to walk outside.  I tend to walk the same route, starting in the same location, but taking an opposite direction each day.  The view remains the same, but from a different perspective.  The tide changes and the light varies with the weather. Boredom is never a threat.

Tonight as I walk the path that winds along the craggy shore, I will contemplate all the good that comes and proceed through the evening content and at peace.


Ramona said...

I need to make walking a daily habit. It tends to fall away when life gets busy, yet I love the contentment and peace that comes. Thanks for reminding me!

Terje said...

-- the routine soothes -- this phrase speaks to me. I also prefer walking over exercise. Not a routine though, I go when the weather is fine. Your walks are meditative. I hope that you can get back to the daily routine.

elsie said...

What a view you have ( plus I can imagine the sound of the water)! Now that I can't walk distance (broken foot bone) I want to walk. We'll see in a few weeks if the urge stays with me. It is a time to just think and ponder.

Loralee said...

What a beautiful view!