Monday, May 5, 2014

logic be damned

I remember my mother crying three times.  Each instance my mother's heart broke over disagreements with people.  At all costs, I avoid disharmony, but it seems that my life is loaded with it lately.  I cry regularly.

"Are you going to the prom?" I asked my son.

"Nah," he replied looking out the window.

"Isn't your girlfriend a Senior?"

"She isn't my girlfriend, anymore," he offered pausing, "I guess...never really was.  She is going with some other guy."

I thought just like that.  Together on Friday.  Split by Monday. Together for months.

"How do you get used to someone not liking you? I asked my son,  adding, "How do you cope?"

"Cause there are plenty of people that do like me," he said smiling, then walked away.

I sat thinking.  He is right.  In reality, despite efforts to be kind, thoughtful and do the right thing; there will always be someone who doesn't like me. (My mother couldn't imagine that such people existed.)

If  intent is pure it should be easier to endure life's heartaches. Yet I don't find it getting any easier, despite the logic of it all.

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