Tuesday, May 27, 2014


My throat is sore. My heart pounding as though I was the runner. Today  I watched my  daughter with long graceful strides run in an invitational meet at UMO. I can't get enough of it. 

I began my running career on a sandy stretch of sand as a lifeguard. I ran everywhere thereafter. I loved to run, but never identified myself as a runner. My daughter does. I want to belong. Seventy pounds overweight I jog in short bursts. My daily walking routine ihas become faster, the more fit I become. Grit and persistence is necessary for any degree of success. Just ask my daughter.

 If my knee holds out perhaps my daughter's voice will be hoarse as she cheers her mother on yelling, "You're a runner Ma! Go!"  If only my grit and determination matched my youngest. She is an inspiration.


LInda Baie said...

You have one cheerleader, your daughter. Now you just need to keep going with that grit! I liked hearing about your running, and your plan to get back to it! Best of wishes!

elsie said...

I have never been a runner, so I will cheer from the sidelines and say, "you go girl!"

Terje said...

I find it beautiful that your daughter is your inspiration. I like how you are working on turning from someone who runs into a runner. I hope your knee will hold. I wish you success.