Monday, January 19, 2015

The Rescue

The string of excuses are of the typical sort. It is too cold. I'm too tired. Life's much too busy. Whether it is carving time for a walk in the woods, a gentle stroll along The Shore Path, writing or posting to my blog; the excuses line up blocking my way forward like a barbed wire fence. Stranded, I am well aware that something is missing, but I stand facing the obstacle for the longest time convincing myself that it is ok to try again tomorrow. Procrastination is my post-perfectionist ally, or so it seems.

So, my newest ally is my Bullet Journal. It is a system to organize tasks, record long range goals, thoughts, events, books I've read and ideas that inspire and incite action. Today I am writing and later I plan to walk. This journal may be just what I need at this very time in my life; a rescue.

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