Tuesday, February 2, 2016

All Good

                   Avocado Chocolate Pudding

The threat of the onset of a condition that could alter the quality of my life did nothing to stop me from overeating. My friend a diabetic who knew all the best places for large slabs of blueberry pie topped with vanilla ice cream shuffled as she walked. Having permanent nerve damage caused by progressing diabetes made it impossible for her to know when her shoes were making contact with her feet. She had lost all sensation. As she pulled into the Hancock General Store to just run in for a whoopie pie or two, I vowed that I would never let myself go. On my worst days of eating and being glued to the recliner, I thought of my friend and it made no difference. As a young woman Terri watched her grandmother bedridden lose toe after toe, a complication of diabetes. A haunting image with the false security that that would never happen to me.

Procrastination was my biggest enemy. I'm young. I have plenty of time to change. Suddenly, with 60 looming big on the horizon, the realization that I am running out of time and excuses I believe contributed to my decision to act. Nearly seven months ago I walked through Community Healthcare ready to listen. I wasn't particularly strong in my conviction to get healthy as I sat across the table as the Diabetes Prevention Program was explained to me. However, I made a commitment to focus on me and take things day by day. A former Weight Watchers lecturer I knew what I needed to do: Keep a food diary and start moving. This was not anything new to me.  However this time around has been different. I have been engaging in positive self-talk, I seldom eat meat and I do not project expectations especially in regards to weight. 

Aside from my walks in the woods and by the sea, I have reclaimed my kitchen. Finding family friendly healthy dishes has been challenging, but we have collected a few favorites. The good news is that culinary creativity is not compromised with healthy whole recipes. I am grateful these changes are long lasting.

I am not sure what has driven me to commit so wholly to my health for 209 days so far. But I am keeping on, keeping on. Oh and thanks for the undying support and applause. There is less of me now, but then again there is so much more about myself that I have learned and have yet to discover. It's all good!

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