Thursday, May 16, 2013

Brotherly Love

"Always keep your eye on the ball," Alex coached his little brother. That was years ago and the guidance and advice continues today.  Gratefully, they have each other.

My brother called the other day to wish me a Happy Mother's Day.  My brother hasn't always been nice to me.  When I was a baby, he teased me and put me in grave danger when I was a little more than a year old.   He pushed me in carriage down a big loose gravel hill and listened to me shriek in fear.  He stood at the top of the hill and just laughed. This is where his favorite family story ends.  I am sure my sister tattled on him and my protective mother put him to bed early without dessert or something, but this tale is a vast contrast to my now adult brother. Kenneth is still a prankster, but he is also one of my biggest advocates. He is a good listener.  He is compassionate, my protector and he loves me always and forever.

My joy and gratitude for the efforts that my sons put into sustaining a positive, loving relationship with each other is almost beyond words.  Everyone needs a brother like mine. Thankfully they have each other.

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