Friday, May 17, 2013

Food Love

This is Sam.
See Sam cook.
Cook Sam cook.

Seriously, my son Sam volunteered his time to prepare "Farm to Table" cuisine for a hungry crowd as part of the Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Day sponsored by MDI Hospital.  He wowed the crowd with variations on fiddle head pesto. I was way too busy eating to have the where-with-all that I should pay closer attention to all the fancy dishes and toppings he prepared. The Maine Cider Braised Pork was topped with a smooth, ruby colored tasty sauce made with rhubarb and there was fresh ricotta made with farm fresh whole milk.  The crowd kept eating and he continued serving dish after dish.  Sam put in many hours of hard work to make this a success.  Slipping in and out of the groups of two, three and four people facing one another taking turns eating, talking and listening; my mother's ears were alerted to the fact that everyone recognized my boy's talent and passion for producing high quality, healthy food that makes one beg for more. This created a bad case of "Food-Love."   A mama could not be prouder.

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travelinma said...

My husband wanted everyone to know that the pork was served on a buckwheat ploy from Fort Kent, Maine produced by the Bouchard family. If you have never been to Fort Kent, it is worth the time. Beautiful country and in the summer time (August anyhow) the buckwheat fields are red and oh so beautiful.