Monday, May 13, 2013

Dust Collector

Years back when our oldest set of children were in elementary school, we put the small television in the closet and left it there.  We went without for more than two years.  The dynamics in the family shifted.  We began to have long conversations, we played board games, pieced together puzzles. Things were different.  It was only until my husband suggested that we pull the television out of hiding to watch rented movies, that the tube began to creep back into our lives again.  It has remained so since then, holding a prominent place in the living room, the couch angled just so to capture every image and sound bite.  No more.  Our flat screen is collecting dust.  Over the last few months, our news comes from newspapers.  Once, I streamed NBC nightly news, however that was during the recent Boston bombings. New England sticks together.  Without TV we have played games, completed puzzles, gone on walks, crafted and read books.  The oldest teenagers in the family converse through texting and social media. They barely seem to notice the change and only have mentioned the absence of its' daily presence in our lives a few times.  In all reality some of us have simply exchanged one screen for another.

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