Friday, August 2, 2013

10 Ways Life Has Changed (Really in no particular order)

10.  There are not only bones in fish, but bones in our bed.
09.  Even though the kids have grown, our laps are always occupied.
08.  Strangers stop and ask for a photo with him.
07.  Kisses are given liberally and sloppily, everyday-several times a day.
06.  Co-existence among species is bliss.
05.  “Chick-magnet” takes on a whole new meaning.
04.  Consideration is given to wearing black clothing with newly applied white
        accents before going out in public.
03.  Sleeping in a double bed means curling one’s body into a tight postage
        stamp-sized space to accommodate, as well as sharing a pillow.
02.  Packing now is similar to packing for a baby when we travel.
01.  Each day is filled with undying devotion, contentment and gratitude.

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