Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Goodbye, For Now

                                                                         Photo taken by Sean Mokler
"I think too much and feel too much," I related to a friend today as we sat  on the East Promenade beach.  Hours earlier, I had said goodbye to my niece.  Frankly, I hate goodbyes.  I attended Erin's birth.  Having taken hundreds of photos of the newborn and showing them off to family and friends after she was born, it is no wonder that people did not confuse me as her mother.  We have always been close. I love being an auntie.  She is all grown up, married to a great guy and living in a beautiful house with two sweet pups.  We are both teachers, but our common passions go beyond education.  We love art, writing, walking, playing games and we have an intense love for the same people.  A major problem is we live seven hours away, so we hardly ever see each other.  Our annual visit is the chance to continue to make memories and remember how very lucky we are to be family. Goodbye for now, until next year Erin.

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