Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Morning Walk

Compass Harbor Path

Stairs Descending George B. Dorr's Estate-The Father of Acadia

Sitting on the stoop of the Chinese Restaurant,
My daughter waits, reading.
It’s early.
We’ve made plans to walk.
Leafy ferns, still green,
Line the wide path
Toward ruins of a past life,
On the crumbling patio
I stand, pause and imagine
A grand life, hours filled with fancy cocktails,
Sipped by ladies donning feathered hats,
Tipped just so on their heads,
Their gentlemen near.
The man of the house,
A recluse
Enchanted by the changing tides,
Wearing a path to the sea.

Descending the granite steps,
The path ahead
Mottled with
Light forced through the forest canopy,
We are guided toward the sea.
Never do we consider that we may not return,
The salt air courses through our veins as we ponder
The past and the present,
We return,
For we are enchanted by the changing tides.
The path to the sea is worn and has been traveled
By many.


newtreemom said...

I enjoyed coming along on your walk. I could smell the salty air and see the path with mottled light.

Ramona said...

Thanks for the pics! I love these lines: " We return,
For we are enchanted by the changing tides." I love your choice of the word enchanted to describe our relationship with the sea.

shogem said...

Beautiful poem. This summer was my first time visiting Acadia and your poem brought back memories of the beauty that I found there.

elle1955 said...

"Light forced through a mottled canopy." Beautiful images in your writing.

Catherine said...

Lovely! I lived in Maine for 3 years and spent lots of time in Camden and Rockport. This brings back many memories. Thank you for sharing!