Sunday, March 23, 2014

Maine Maple Sunday

In Maine each year the last Sunday in March is marked as Maine Maple Sunday.  Sugar shacks around the state open their doors and celebrate everything maple.  Today I purchased not only Pure Maine Maple Syrup, but Maple Syrup Jelly.

Our hands stiff with cold,
We pour the amber sweetness onto the stack
Piled high and toppling,
The sugar shack steams and smokes,
Eating fast
We have our fill
Braving the wind gusts
Atop a hill,
You never know what weather
Will be
On Maine Maple Sunday.

Uncle Ken, Gabrielle and Elizabeth at Brookridge Boilers-Lyman, Maine

Brookridge Boilers First Maine Maple Sunday:  A Success!


Beth said...

How cool! I don't eat pancakes, but love maple sugar candy in small doses. Thanks for sharing the celebration.

Jackie said...

That sounds like a fun day...and maybe my husband and I can plan a trip to Maine next year. I remember making syrup with my neighbor...sapping the trees and boiling it down...such a small amount from so much sap...but so worth it. Love the pictures...looks like your uncle is having a lot of fun. Jackie

travelinma said...

Thank you for reading Beth and Jackie. It was a fun day, but frigid. They had maple sugar candy, taffy, cotton candy and ice cream too.

elsie said...

Sounds like a delicious day! Betsy was cooking up maple syrup in Michigan today. It was a maple syrup kind of day!

Amy Boyden said...

Love your poem! Fellow maple sugar lover here. . . "You never know what weather will be" --yup.

Claudette Guay said...

Which place were you at ?