Friday, March 7, 2014

Through the Blur

Squinting, I lean into the mirror.  Things are blurry. I put on my glasses and chuckling I take them back off realizing that this is not going to be easy.  My teenage daughter is near.  Her eyesight is 20/20. I start to say something to her, but stop.  I can do this by myself. Positive self talk is always good.

Not long ago my nearly fourteen year old began a skin care regime and light make up.  Fashion is her thing.  I am happy in jeans and a plain colored tee. Life, it seems has been much too crazy to bother with much more.  

Call me vain. After seeing the Today Show FB post of selfies without make-up and shrieking over the difference, I ordered some for myself. My daughter opened box after box and proceeded to tell me the purpose of each wand, palette and compact.  

She stood behind me and talked me through the eye coloring, the eye lining and the plumbing of the eyelashes.  I have an eyelash curler, if you want one, she offered. She knew how long had it been.  Sitting in front of the products spread before me,  I remembered my Mary Kay days. I knew how to do this.  Gently I brushed the lighter eye color on my lid.  On the outer part of my lid, I drew an inverted v and smoothed it with a sponge. It was kind of like riding a bike, you never forget.  When I was done, I sat up just a little taller.

Ma, you look so good!  My daughter gushed. She found a little pouch and began to toss in the compacts and tubes.  She stood back again and looked at me smiling.     I put on my glasses  to counteract the blur.  Looking into the mirror, I didn’t expect a little mascara and lipstick would make a woman feel anew, but I do.


Meg Blaze said...

Makeover! I like the story. The cautious beginning and the confident ending.

b said...

Yippee for new makeup -- yippee for new perspectives! I love that your daughter was able to be your partner in crime and coach :). Enjoy!

Cathy said...

Aren't we lucky to have our daughters to keep us young and hip. ;o) I'm guessing you both had a wonderful time.