Friday, March 28, 2014

Potential Trauma Event

I stepped sideways through the door  and Charlie escaped.  Normally our cats come and go as they wish, but today they are all held in captivity. Seven are scattered through the house anticipating something.Two are missing. Hauling cats to the clinic for rabies shots does not really constitute a good time, so that is why my husband is in charge.  He has it down to a system, but I don’t know what exactly. Putting ordinarily docile cats where they do not want to be turns them into wild beasts with extra sharp claws, pointy teeth and pitiful feline cries. I’d rather not be witness to this angst.  Will they ever forgive us?

Tomorrow will be the true test of faithfulness because each morning we are surrounded.  A few are curled at our feet, while others are sitting on the shelf of our headboard looking down for a possible chance to dive bomb. Max a black and white short hair gives me my first kiss with a sandpapery slide across my lips.  A chisel faced beauty Harry wants attention. Unfortunately for me every slight movement I make signals to Harry my possible passionate interest in patting him at 3:30 AM.  Harry is always poised for love.

I am not certain I could live without animals especially my kitties.  I grew up with cats taking them for rides in my rickety baby doll carriage, but not before dressing them for the trip. Now, they occupy my lap at night while I am reading, writing or sipping tea and they follow me to bed.   Some of our best family stories are about our cats.  

Post Potential Trauma Event:  Seven cats crammed into my Subaru making the short ride to town and listening to their blood curdling cat screams was the worse part of the trip. We left home and was back again in twenty-five minutes.  And now….where is Harry and Gato Negro?


Amy Boyden said...

The second cat story I read today or third?? cats crack me up!! Hope they forgive you!

myrandomwonderings said...

I love the image of them turning into "wild beasts". Cats are such characters and will certainly turn on the owners they love when they feel it is necessary.

Jackie said...

I so enjoyed your post today. I just lost my 23 year old kitty this month and when I read and see pictures of kitties, it makes me happy. I can only imagine the noise in your car driving them to the vet! The two pictures you posted....are beautiful. Jackie

travelinma said...

Thank you so much for reading and commenting. All week I tried to figure a way to miss this potential fiasco! I love my kitties and to hear them in distress was hard!

travelinma said...

Jackie I am so sorry for your loss. My family had a cat that lived nearly as long, I think 21 or 22! You took good care of her!!