Thursday, March 6, 2014


All air was sucked out of the room,
Yet I couldn’t leave
I couldn’t stay.
I stood to leave,
You pulled me back.
Your last few
Few ragged breaths,
I was there
As you were whisked
Off  to somewhere.


Holly Mueller said...

Wow. This is powerful. I'm left wondering about the whole story. So much said. So much unsaid.

aggiekesler said...

wow...your poem is beautiful, yet heartbreaking. I'm sorry for your loss.

Donna Smith said...

You cannot write this without knowing. I have been there, too, when loved ones were whisked off. I'm sorry for your loss.

Barbara Keene said...

It has been just over 10 years now, but today is the anniversary....guess it is pretty raw. Thanks for your kind words.

Jackie said...

These words swept me right to my mother's bedside four years ago last month. Yes, such powerful words...and I can feel the pain in your words. Jackie

Stephanie Shouldis said...

Powerful. Painful. Somber.

My heart is breaking for you as I read this poem.