Friday, March 27, 2015

A Balm

Surrounding myself with beauty
Soothes my soul,
Be it a bird's feather,
The delicate spiral of a shell
A satellite of tight buds,

Surrounding myself with beauty
Soothes my soul,
A balm for dark times.

(Slice of Life Day 27-Hosted by The Two Writing Teachers)


C.Crouch said...

"balm" is such a clever and soothing title. You descriptions help me create detailed visualizations of a shell's spiral and the satellite of spring bugs. peaceful

newtreemom said...

This is such a lovely poem. It is a balm in itself.

LInda Baie said...

Indeed all of these are soothing, helpful, make our lives better. Nice to hear after this long day before my spring break!

travelinma said...

It has been a mighty might long winter in these parts. It may be that winter has loosened its' grip on us. Even mud is a lovely sight! Thank you all for your kind words.