Thursday, March 12, 2015


Ice shatters
under my weight,
A woodpecker searches for bugs,
Tap, tap, tap.

Tap, tap, tap
Fingers hit keys,
Letters become words

The clock
In its' beat.

Breath slows,
In. And. Out.
In. And. Out.
I notice.

This was an exercise in sensory attention, namely through sound.


Raeily said...

Beautiful! I really love the idea of doing a poem like this. It sounds so calming, like the many therapeutic sensory activities like mindfulness walks.

I felt like I was there with my eyes closed, hearing the sounds with you. Great woek!

Kim Oldenburgh said...

I love nature poems. Last week I was on the bog snowshoeing and I heard a woodpecker, but I couldn't find it anywhere! I love the patterns they make in the trees. By the way-you came to my blog and said, Oh hi, Kim-I didn't know it was you. I can't find your profile information to see how you know me!

travelinma said...

MWP. Barbara Keene. So nice to reconnect.