Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Dodging Puddles

The sun was dim most of the day giving just a hint of light. Snow banks line the perimeters of any standing building now in great mounds. It has been this way for more than a month with a fury of successive snow events. So today from the safety of inside one thinks winter. Cold. Ice. Snow.

I dash from school to pick up my youngest; my down jacket zipped to my neck. The sun stronger now, I dodge a few puddles and note warmth. Toying with the idea of removing my jacket, I convince myself it is still winter. Driving off I glance at the digital temperature gauge on my car. 55 warm degrees. Suddenly, I begin to sweat and smile.


Jessica said...

The start of spring after a harsh winter is so lovely! Your descriptions were wonderful!

Joanne said...

We are also warm now - such a surprise but a nice one at that. I went for a long walk today with a light jacket. Yes, spring!

Glenda Funk said...

Glad you're feeling the warmth of spring. Soon rain will wash away the detritus of winter in that gray, gravely picture.