Saturday, March 28, 2015


The grey ocean met the dull milky sky. Everything seemed colorless to her. She roamed through the day looking for things to comfort: a book filled with heroic words left her feeling empty and powerless. She was grumpy, but really had little to be grumpy about, although many locals were irritable about the weather. Restlessness drew her outside where snow banks still made formidable walls separating neighbors. There were signs of reprieve from this relentless winter season, however. Temperatures were rising. Snow and ice were melting. Standing in a once frozen puddle, her unlined Bean boots reserved for spring kept her feet dry.  

Even mud puddles are little blessings making any Mainer, even grumpy ones rejoice after a winter that has lingered a bit too long.


elsie said...

Sad state of affairs when a mud puddle causes rejoicing. I liked the third person you used to write this. Hope there are lots of puddles coming your way soon.

Kim Oldenburgh said...

I enjoyed tromping through a few mud puddles today, too! Except I had to break the top layer of ice to get to the mud!