Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Beyond Control And Understanding

Tonight the moon is bathed in milky white.  Pausing just for a moment I acknowledge beauty, but then  I go off the deep end. A fuzzy halo around the moon means SNOW.  Two or maybe three storms ago, my husband's plow truck decided to ignore all promptings to start.  Our long driveway remained unplowed and nearly impassable for most of one day, so  I spent several hours near the edge of the road dodging the salt spray that cars sent in my direction while I shoveled what snow was left behind by the municipal plows.  Everyone is just a little grumpy these days.  There is no where to put the snow. It has been just plan frigid for weeks on end.

Spring came to mind today as I left school midday for a meeting in another building.  My guess was that it was at least 35 degrees; you know spring-like.  Curiously, I glanced at the temperature gauge in my car and was dumbfounded.  It was a mere 28 degrees.

Sometimes it is better to be uneducated in the ways of amateur weather forecasting and declare an inability to decipher devices that measure cold in degrees.  Carefree, I will take the weather day by day and skip through the slush knowing that spring will be here-someday. At the very least I can do my best to be positive amidst a bunch of stuff that happens that is beyond my control and understanding.


elsie said...

Our forecast is for another 5-6 inches tomorrow. Today was 56 degrees. I know we have had the tip of the iceberg that you all have been plowing through, but I'm sick of it too.

Ellen said...

Totally empathize with your frustration. We haven't suffered as much as you - but we're predicted to have 3-5 on Thursday during the day. At this rate, we'll be in school till July! Hope you get hints of spring. I can hear the birds singing more - that's a good sign.