Sunday, March 5, 2017

A Perfect Marriage

                                                                  Sample fare.

Sweet onions are diced and the organic carrots become small chunks plopped into a bubbly brew of split peas.  The bay leaves float until I stir with my smooth wooden paddle that fits just right in my hand, a gift from my husband.  It is Sunday.  This day has become a new tradition to cook for the masses.  Soup fills the biggest pot in the house with the intent of having some through the week, a portion is reserved for a friend who has not been well and the rest for supper with my eldest and his girl.  He is baking the bread.  This day becomes a perfect marriage of culinary delights and precious time with family and friends.  We talk.  We eat. And talk some more.  Just perfect.


b said...

I was hoping for marriage advice...yet I feel there are some jewels tucked within your slice today. The soup looks super; the prospect of sharing it, delightful; a day doing what you love with special people, priceless. Your descriptive details helped me feel a part of your day.
Now to get to your dinner table... :)

sunshyntangerine said...

Food always brings everyone together. It is such a lovely thing.