Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Freedom to Create

I ran my hand across the bolts of fabric organized by color and arranged by shade as I walked down the aisle; batik prints and patterns, some metallic-really works of art.  Up and down I walked, pausing to admire and breathe deeply.  I got the same exact feeling I get at Art Museums, one of peace, serenity and a connection to everything possible.

Getting lost on Pinterest is easy, but I had chosen a small project with fat quarters that I could sew by hand.  My artsy daughter and I headed for the table with the fat quarters.  A knack for color and what fabrics may work together, she offered set after set of possibilities.  Soon I was headed out of the store with a pair of scissors (I immediately marked them with a Sharpie: FABRIC), straight pins, a pin cushion and a floral fabric with coordinating colors. You can tell I am not an avid "fabric-ator."

With a cup of tea nearby, and Netflix I sewed and sewed without expectations for a timeline or quality. I thought of my grandmother, sewing throughout the day tackling one by one the items in her mending basket.  This was out of necessity and probably satisfaction, but not pleasure. Fortunately, I am free to create and have fun. These days I am working hard enjoying the process and not stressing about an end product. Perfectionism gone. My origami bag/lunch bag will be a work of art.


Linda B said...

I love hearing about your project and the connection to your grandmother. They did mend from necessity, but those who quilted found joy, too. I am reminded of when my husband's aunt visited and always asked if we had mending to do. She said she liked to keep her hands busy! Enjoy your sewing, Barbara. I'lll look forward to the sharing!

Judy said...

Love your line: " I got the same exact feeling I get at Art Museums, one of peace, serenity and a connection to everything possible." Feeling the fabric and seeing the mix of colors, is such a relaxing feeling. Our grandmothers sewed out of necessity, but I'm sure there was much satisfaction is what they accomplished. Looking forward to seeing the finished project.

Mary Ann Reilly said...

I,love that you are making! Yes. I have had such nervous hands these last months and find a paintbrush oddly calms them. I would,love to have seen the bolts of fabric. I was taking a collage course some years ago and the artist teaching was a fabric artist. I learned so much from her and also,learned how amazing quilts are as art objects.

Hope you and your daughter had fun!

Katie Logonauts said...

Gorgeous palette! I love sewing but need that punch of motivation to get a project moving.

Wendy said...

My mom did both. Most of what we wore she'd sewn, but she got into quilting later in life, then from there became a fabric artist. She canned fruit and baked bread and sewed and sewed and sewed. Me, I can replace a button, knit $40 socks, or add some embroidery to a tea towel.