Thursday, March 2, 2017

Ready for Anything

The ravens sounded from the edge of the thick woods, one swooped in front of me landing on the high branches of a bare deciduous.  The sky was a cloudy gray in parts with a mix of blue sky.  I paused to observe and listen.  My eyes squinted in an attempt to locate the other squawking bird. Bare branches mingled with dense conifers which made spotting him a challenging task.  Unresolved observations did little to slow me down as I walked on the edge of the woods along the long paved driveway; the ground was far too wet and muddy for me to venture into the dark cool forest.  The forecast I heard was for clouds.  No mention of precipitation.  At the far end of the drive, fat raindrops pelted me.  It seems they came out of nowhere, and then I remembered the gray skies.  I kept walking thinking it only a shower, after all blue was over my left shoulder and the report was clouds. A few steps more the wind began to pick up.  Still I walked.  Then it began to hail.  Tiny little balls of ice stung at my face and bounced off my head, my shoulders and my chest.  They stuck in my hair and began to melt. Water dripped down my face and soon pants were drenched too.

I held my cell to my left ear, my hand frozen. "It is suppose to get really cold this afternoon, into tonight." my friend offered during the rainy portion of my walk.  Little did I know that  temperatures would drop and that I would return to hours more of school drenched, and I feared very cold.

I dried quickly and without cause for alarm.  I must remember that each walk I take is an unpredictable series of happenings.   I just have to be ready for anything.

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Book Mama said...

Nice slice--definitely felt like I was right there along with you. The other day here in western Washington it hailed--the kids all looked at the sky like magic was falling. It was cold, and cool too. :)