Saturday, March 25, 2017


Sitting in the heat of the sun, I plucked plump blackberries popping them into my mouth one by one. Savoring.   Biting into the seeds, the flavor burst through my mouth.

I must partake of the bounties offered to me in this life.  I mindfully accept and if need be will reach for what there is breathing in gratitude aware that I am nourished and supported.

A striped multi-colored hat umbrella sits on my head.

I roll over and think:  Playfulness and joy is part of living.  Life will bring rain, but make the best of it.

Jerry is packing for a trip alone to Florida to stay with a friend.  He is sick.  It is clear that this is his journey.  I want to come, but a man in a van passing out flyers for trash removal takes my attention away and I yearn to return to Jerry who is slowly packing the car.  I remember I just want to be with him for however long we have.  I am unsure he will make the journey.  There is anxiety.  I have no choice, but to let him go.

I had no choice.  Presently the details of my life distract me.   The kids.  The house.  Cooking.  Filing.  Dust bunnies.  Crunching the snow beneath my feet.  Listening to the birds sing.  Blessings on this earth continue without Jerry.  He wouldn't want it any other way.


Dana Murphy said...

Oh wow this is simply beautiful. I love how all three parts of the story work together to tell the story. Beautifully written and leaves much for the reader to wonder and think about.

shogem said...

So many thoughts running through this post affect me. The beginning, savoring the blackberries flooded my mind of similar times. The mood changes quickly thinking about Jerry and your relationship. Easy to understand that you are distracted by someone passing out flyers in the midst of your thoughts and feelings along with everything going on in your life.Stopping and noticing the beauty of life and understanding what Jerry wants despite what you would like. Very powerful.

Judy said...

Once again, you've captured a moment in your life with Jerry. The emotion that you write makes my heart cry. I pray that through these slices you receive comfort and peace and yes, this is how Jerry would want you to be - to keep living each moment. Hugs

Anita Ferreri said...

Your post is crafted beautifully. It reminds me that the sweet moments of life are mingled with the poignant ones where we have to let go. It reminds me that even in sadness there are sweet memories.

Mrs. Scannell said...

Your post is beautiful. As beauty that stems from deep emotions always is. Thank you.