Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Little Intervention

     One of my favorite movies a number of years ago was Sliding Doors starring Gweneth Paltrow.  The film portrayed the possible parallel lives led by Gweneth's character had she chosen to depart the subway at two different stops. This afternoon we had a doctor's appointment with our son and then made an impromptu stop at the local health food store.  There we lingered a bit over the supplements searching for the correct one suggested by the doctor.  Rudely, I made a cell phone call in the middle of the tiny store.  There was little place to hide as I queried the nurse in a hushed voice, a little embarrassed at my brash behavior.
      Suddenly, a customer interjected, "I don't mean to pry, but I take XYZ.  Maybe that is what you want," she continued,  "What is it for, I might ask?"
      "Brain function," we answered in unison.
      A third voice chimed in.  We turned to see a short, dark curly-haired clerk shake her head, "You don't want that (XYZ).  It's a hormone." We all laughed and the reason that I called the doctor in the first place was to guarantee that I was purchasing the correct product with the proper dosage, since our local drug store did not carry the item that was ordered by the doctor a week ago.
     I am not sure why I looked back at the woman and her husband comparing the multitude of choices of Vitamin C. I heard the tall man mumble something.  Recognizing him first, I looked back at the "tried to be helpful" woman.  She stepped toward me.
     "I think I know you," I began.
     "Barb?" I just tried to call your home.  We were hoping that we could see you and Jerry!" Friends from away who had stayed with us multiple times.  We share a common Faith.  Hugs, laughter and the realization that life unfolds as it is intended.  No coincidence here.  Just a little divine intervention.

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