Saturday, June 22, 2013


June's Full Strawberry Moon

In late June, my thumbs and forefingers were constantly stained.  The tiny, sweet wild strawberries were gently plucked and popped sun-warmed  into my mouth one by one.  They never amounted to enough to do anything fancy with like a pie or jam, so this was a logical solution.   As a kid, I would wander around the open fields near my house searching for a new little spread.  

Now, I have moved away and live a responsible adult life. There seems to be little time to search for  treasures in the wild.  It has been a few months since I have walked in the woods.   Stress has wormed its' way into my brain and heart and taken over.  I feel possessed.   Movement on this earth is presently filled with pain.  Disconnected, I am only surviving.  

It is my connection with the earth and beauty that will breath life into my lifeless form.  I can take lessons from my life as a child.  Intuitively, I knew what I needed.  With the full moon comes clarity.  I know what I need.

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