Monday, June 17, 2013

A Scare

Everyone missed the note that was left on the counter.  Everyone sped to their own conclusions about why Rex was not in the house where he was last seen napping with all four, long legs stretched full length contented.  "Camp?" Ears perk, head cocks.  We continue, "You wanna go to camp?!" The inflection rising on the word camp sends Rex spinning toward the door.

While Rex was romping with this worn out tennis ball, diving for little sunfish and waiting patiently for a boat ride that never came because of mechanical failures, his Daddy was home alerting the police of his strange disappearance, driving around the neighborhood calling Rex's name.  Daddy's left pocket bulging with dog treats and string cheese in hopes of a happy reunion.  Fear swelled when he thought of he way people drive around here, most reckless and certainly not looking out for our puppy.

I got the dreaded phone call at work, "Rex is missing," my eldest son began, "and Dad is having a fit." My mind began to gather facts and consider possibilities.  Seldom does he run away and not come right back if the gate is left open, I thought. Someone took him for a walk or a ride. During break I texted one of my likely daughters hoping for a quick answer. No reply. Lunch time a text is sent again, but in my frantic state I ask too many questions.  The reply is yes, but to what question?  Can't you just tell me that Rex is with you and safe? 

My cell pressed against my left ear listening intently-hoping,"I left a note for Dad on the counter.  I took Rex to camp." my daughter explained.   While Rex splashed in the water and ran after chipmunks, the rest of his family was frantic imagining.  A life without our boy is truly unimaginable!

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