Saturday, June 1, 2013

Stories That Bind

Tonight we told stories.  Stories that remain the same over the years and bind us as a family.  Grammy Scott stories about short cuts that actually doubled our travel time and ended up taking us on obsure roads with piglets suckling their mother in the middle of a road that seemed not more than a dirt path. Elizabeth marshmallow fluff girl who wanted to help Mummy with the bank deposit, but not before she slipped her fist into the white goop and calculated our wealth with extra sticky fingers, hair and bare feet. And fiesty Gabrielle who ended up in "time-out" successively when she was under the care of a family friend.  Naughty stories that are funny stories.  My youngest commented about how good it was to laugh.  It is good to laugh.  It is good to tell stories.  It is binding and keeps our history alive.

Here's another story:  Remember June 1, 2013?  It was so hot.  We took a quick dip in Donnel's Pond and rushed home to dress up for graduation.  Remember how surprised Elizabeth was when they announced that she was student of the year for the Fire Fighter Academy?  Did you hear how Mummy, Daddy, Gabrielle and Stanley hooted? Remember?  Remember?

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