Saturday, June 8, 2013

Odd Tilt

I saw you and we spoke for the first time in two weeks. "I love you and miss you. I worry."

"I don't live here anymore," you reply.  

Our society places great importance on the milestone of accumulating eighteen years of life on this planet.

Without a job, education and a fully developed brain he is on his own. No one to remind him to wear sunscreen. Remember you burn terribly without it. 
There is no one to make sure he gets to school. I wonder if he stays up all night and sleeps all day? What is he eating? Where is he sheltered during torrential rains like we had last night? I know nothing of his new life.   

With an eighteen year old brain that says, I can do what I want-I hope that you carry common sense with a dose of extreme kindness toward yourself and others. Don't do anything stupid that will get you in trouble.  Use your heart and your brain. Tightly hold onto the knowledge that you are loved and you deserve all that is good in the world. I pray that God watch over you and keep you safe. Your mama loves you.   
A few weeks ago you offered advice.  "You shouldn't stress out. Teenagers push against their parents. I need to learn."  

This does not make any of this any easier. Without you, my world is at an odd tilt.

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