Friday, June 28, 2013

In a Constant State of Learning

All is quiet now, after a day of unrelenting drumming on the roof.  Everything is beyond the saturation point, as this has been the seventh wettest June in history.  Note that there are several more days of June left to be experienced on the calendar.  Earlier the heavy mist allowed for outside activity, but by late morning I had settled into a cozy rhythm of reading some pretty heady articles about the history of writing and the social responsibilities of a student writer as guided by passion and the influence of technology on education reform.

The world is increasingly complex (an understatement). Are we adequately preparing our youngest citizens with what they need to navigate this world intellectually, morally and socially?  We must not lose sight of common sense, while at the same time keep our eyes on the standards and rigors ensuring a deep, but broad experience in the process of learning.  This is no easy matter. Will education reform keep up and meet student demands considering the fast pace of our ever-changing technology?  My intent is always to do the right thing philosophically and morally (I must know myself well) and keep abreast of the latest research. There is constant evaluation of the congruency of my deep philosophical beliefs, best practices and the effective application of these beliefs and practices. It is clear why I am in the constant state of learning and refining.  That is the very best I can do.

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