Wednesday, June 26, 2013

No Fog Here

The lady took forever to pull out of the curbing to reveal a parking place right in front of the entrance to the library.  I waited and waited and waited.  Sadly, so did the people behind me.  We all waited.  Once the space was free, I realized that it was a yellow curb.  The rule is to never park on a yellow curb.  So, the search for an available parking spot continued.

I pay attention to rules and laws.  Fear is a mighty motivator.  I am not a proponent that fear is the most humane factor, but in my Catholic upbringing, it is certainly something I thought alot about and still do .  Seldom am I in a fog or quandry about what I should or shouldn't do, my moral compass leads the way.  The family that loves me dearest, finds all my predictable patterns to be most comical.  As a mother, someday the laws will protect and the fear of consequences will help those I hold dear to think twice before engaging in some behavior that may harm themselves, others or property.  Good or bad, right or wrong-this is who I am.

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