Monday, July 22, 2013

Investing in Future Generations

                                                                (Photo Courtesy of Angie Oechslie)

         Fifty-five years ago when my in-laws gathered together some of their savings to invest in waterfront property on Donnell’s Pond, I am sure that they had no idea of future generations who would benefit from this decision.  Today I watched the fourth generation swim, splash and paddle only retreating from the pond for a quick peanut butter and jelly sandwich-cousins together at camp. If only Grampy could have been there with the littlest on his knee, belly up to the worn formica table on the screened in porch sharing a plate of cheese and crackers or demonstrating his latest strategy during a Yahtzee game.  Then, in the main part of the camp, the oldest cousins each helping Grammy roll out a flaky pie crust to hold the wild blueberries that were picked during the afternoon.  While the pie bakes, taking a meandering walk on the dusty and rolling trails through the blueberry field, Grampy walking stick in hand with kids trailing to where a favorite boulder holds the memories of generations. Fifty-five years ago, if they had only known, they are sure to know now.

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