Monday, July 15, 2013

Uniting in the Familiar

         Periodically the dog wades into the shallows, mouthing sips of pond water. It is hot, must be in the 90’s. Today is the first day that I swam back and forth to the second buoy approximately one mile.  Cutting through the water flows that flushed warm and cold, I stroke my way toward the marker.  With face in the water, the escape of air bubbles propels me forward, then my head turns to the side and I gulp in one big breath of air.  The same synchronized movements I learned so well years ago during swimming lessons,  I reach with a long right arm, hand cupping water, slowly releasing bubbles, left elbow out of water, turning my head for air. The cool water supports my body as I slip through toward my destination. The rhythm is familiar.   This motion unites my mind, spirit and body as I slice through the water surrounded by wild beauty.  This is just what I need.  There is magic in Donnell’s Pond.

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