Monday, July 22, 2013


      The grass soaks my bare feet, each blade, heavy with dew.  I carefully make my way to the garden steadying a mug of coffee in each hand.  My eyes search for my husband, who is bent over inspecting green fruit splayed side by side on a vine.  Nestled in one corner of the garden are twin cedar chairs attached by a little table.  Early morning coffee, the sun on our faces, we are swallowed by green foliage, large sunflower leaves broad, approaching the size of umbrellas shade the north of the garden, squash vines with large yellow blossoms meander with no clear direction of growth, just all over the place.  Floral purples, pinks, whites and yellows frame the perimeter of the vegetable garden.

         Sitting still in the garden is a spiritual experience.  Tiny seeds the origin, yet we, the gardeners are just beginning to grasp the potential.  The element of potentiality is true for all living things.  Sitting still and taking in the beauty makes things all so clear.

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