Friday, July 5, 2013

Threads of Hope

     Some days are harder than others.  On one of those hard days, my dear daughter Gabrielle brought me a plant that has brought abundant sunshine to my hours.  If I allow myself to think too much, to tangle myself up in the reality that my life brings and consider my family's future, most days I hang onto threads of hope.

     I guess that is why I slow down and notice.  While catching a breeze on the porch, I just witnessed a bird snatching an insect as both were inflight.  It took a bit of persistence on the bird's part, but ultimately the feathered creature was successful.  A lean doe all ears, just pranced through the un-mowed field and didn't seem bothered by Rex's barking. Some days grip me in fear and all I see is grim, but most days it is the little miracles that guide me through my day.  Little gifts from above.

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