Friday, July 19, 2013

Lessons From A Cat

Charlie’s motor is robust when I really listen, the purr much like the sound that comes after a tight winding of a rubber band that sends the propeller whirling.  I’d like to say that Charlie rubbing his head across my face nudging me into affection, is distracting, but it isn’t.  It just makes me multi-task.  Type and smile, type and smile. Charlie is just as quickly off the porch, stepping through the cool green grass.  Julie takes his place-her soft fur brushing against my face, her purr so much louder than Charlie’s, in comparison.  A nudge, then she has hopped off the worktable and rubs against my leg.  Sitting closely, her ears twitch, her eyes ever vigilant for a nearby bird.   It is much too hot for birding.  She plops herself down on the porch with a thud and sprawls out, front paws folded at the joint under her chest.  Grateful for life’s choices: to nap rather than go birding on this hot day, grateful for the close human contact or just plain grateful. Clearly, my cats live in the moment and are content.

 Although, I continue to work during the summer on school responsibilities and tutoring, for the most part I can make my own hours.  I can stroll in the garden and discover new cucumbers, just the size of my thumb.  I have the luxury of roaming through the island early, dropping kids off and picking kids up or weary from little sleep, I can nap.  Gratefully, I have choices.  Like my cats, I can live in the moment and be very content under all conditions.

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