Wednesday, April 5, 2017

One Word

I walk into the local market to pick up some almond milk and one can of organic grain-free dog food.  I wander the aisles just in case I'm missing something important, but I feel much like a lost soul.  From aisle to aisle I discount we need more eggs, dried beans or mixed greens.  Careful about adhering to a budget, I put the two items on the conveyor belt, pay and head out the door.

While putting the cart away, I hug another basketball mom who I haven't run into since Jerry passed.  She asked what happened.  "Cancer.....all clear....sick all answers...pain." 

The word stuck in my throat.  Pain. My husband endured so so much.  I just lost it. 


Linda B said...

Sometimes we move along feeling pretty fine, and then we must use words for someone and it's harder than we realized, again. I hope that the person you ran into was supportive, helped a little. And I'm glad you shared. wishing you a better day today, Barbara!

travelinma said...

Linda, it is the moments when the grief just bowls you over. At first telling the story, I was was thinking about the suffering, the pain and no relief. Most of the time....I am busy and OK. As my father always said, "As well as can be expected under the circumstances." Thank you for your check ins.