Sunday, April 9, 2017

Sunday Hikes

                                            Jerry on a Sunday Hike-2016
                                     (Photo compliments of Alison Murdoch)

For the past year, Sundays have been devoted to long, long walks with friends.  In grief literature and talking with other survivors,  I was told that often the invitations just don't come anymore especially if you tended to do things as a couple with other couples.  I have been so fortunate.  That has not happened to me.  My friends still invite me to hike with them.  Today for instance, as we were hiking and sinking up to our knees in the last bit of snow, I quipped, "This is a Jerry thing.  These kinds of things happened all the time whenever I hiked with Jerry."  My friends know Jerry and how he operated, although for the most part he would behave himself on these Sundays.  For example historically, we'd often get lost. We'd be on a mountain top in the middle of an electrical storm.  He'd traverse us over boulders, roots and "raging" rivers. Seems after a time, I would have known better, but I always followed him and trusted.  You'd never know what would happen when Jerry left the house.  Does anyone have any Jerry stories?


Mary Ann Reilly said...

Sounds like the hiking is fun and how good to have real friends who don't take the measure of another by their marriage status. I walked every day after Rob died up until the first snow of this year. It helped.

travelinma said...

I have the benefit of living on an island with a National Park in my yard. Walking is therapeutic.