Sunday, April 9, 2017


                                                                             Blueberry Fields at Camp

The ice on the pond
logs are dropped into the belly
of the stove,
dogs doze
Pink Floyd plays,
I sip matcha,
a change of scene
does good to forget
and at the same time
you follow me where-ever
I go,
whatever I do
you remind me of what I had
what I have lost.
Then on the ride
the radio
and I cry
tears of gratitude

Gordon Lightfoot was among Jerry's all time favorite musicians.  A few years ago, I brought Jerry to see Lightfoot for his birthday.  The line, so fitting: " I think that I was made for you and you were made for me."  How lucky am I? A rarity. And...Jerry called me Beautiful.


Linda B said...

I read your recent posts, recognize those ups and downs, and they continue, but do lighten. Although it saddened you again, seeing the beauty of what you had is the other side of feelings, too, isn't it? I hope your Sunday holds some good moments, too. Thinking of you, Barbara!

travelinma said...

Linda, Thank you so much for reading and commenting. The grief comes and goes...sometimes in manageable swells and sometimes in big waves that take me by surprise. I am doing OK. I am planning a walk with some friends....and I am sitting sipping my latte and watching the birds. I am very very grateful for who is in my life and all the bounties that my life holds. Thank you for your kindness and love.-Barbara

Mary Ann Reilly said...

How very brave you are to listen to music. It took me nearly 9 months before I could listen to anything but talk radio. The poem is lovely. I wish we were neighbors. Id come sit by that fire and drink matcha with you.

travelinma said...

Mary Ann, Music was so much apart of who Jerry and I soothed us through the weeks in soothed during his funeral. It is not always easy, but music helps me. I wish we were neighbors, too. I can tell we would be fast friends. Thank you for visiting and commenting too.